RBE Worksheet # 8: Business Ethics Infrastructure Worksheet


Worksheet # 8

Business Ethics Infrastructure Worksheet


Enterprise Standards

Required Infrastructure

Owner-Representative Governance Infrastructure



High-level responsibility for program oversight (the “Responsible Officer”)



Performing or coordinating the specific functions of the Business Ethics Program (the “Business Ethics Officer”)



Advising the Responsible Officer and Business Ethics Officer that represents the enterprise as whole (“Business Ethics Council”)



Advising the Responsible Officer, Business Ethics Officer, and employees and agents about professional ethics, compliance and social responsibility issues, most often seen in hospitals, (“Professional Ethics Council”)



Individuals at various levels of the enterprise who link a central ethics office with the field (“Business Conduct Representatives”)



Related executive and department functions, such as the Chief Financial Officer; Legal Counsel; Human Resources; Internal Audit; Environmental, Health and Safety; government procurement; and Investor Relations



The individual responsibility of every employee and agent of the enterprise to abide by the standards and procedures and strive to meet stakeholder expectations



Standards, procedures, and expectations for external stakeholders.