Data Collection and Analysis by Stakeholder Pressure Element (Stakeholder Element Tool)






·        Major

·        Minor

·        Other



·        Mangers

·        Supervisors

·        Shopfloor

·        Organized

·        Families



·        Shareholders

·        Board

·        Pension funds

·        Activists












This tool is a more sensitive tool than the Context Element-Pressure Tool since it involves evaluating specific stakeholders to the extent each brings pressure to the enterprise.  To use this tool, treat each Element-Pressure Cell separately.  Let the steering committee composed of representative members of the enterprise—and representatives of external stakeholders such as customers—provide the core group.  The enterprise would typically not involve actual external stakeholders to encourage candid evaluations of specific stakeholders.

Engage in a facilitated dialogue about each Element-Pressure Cell from the myriad perspectives of the enterprise and its stakeholders.  As with the Context Element Tool, there will generally be at least one factor in each Element-Pressure Cell. 

Brainstorm and starburst each element-pressure cell.  Have a recorder capture the dialogue of the group.  No idea is unacceptable.  When all the data is captured, take adequate time to reflect on what has been raised—and the group dynamics—and return to perform two additional tasks: (1) specifically address what pressures the enterprise puts on each of its stakeholders and (2) prioritize each stakeholder for enterprise attention by the amount of pressure and importance.  Then, appoint a smaller team to develop a report of what has been learned for use as a planning document.  Route drafts of the report around participants to achieve a consensus of what the enterprise’s context is.

Expect to make a more or less formal presentation of findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the decision-making committee.  The approved report then becomes a key planning document.