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Learning Organization Resources 19 February 2001

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What is a Learning Organization? A Learning Organization is a community characterized by a culture of Organizational Learning that anticipates and embraces change, complexity and uncertainty and is adept at reacting, responding, and adapting to them. See Organizational Learning and Learning Organizations: An Overview

"Organizational learning is the process of gaining knowledge and developing skills which empower us to understand, and thus to act effectively within, social institutions such as businesses, government departments, schools, or charities.... A learning organization builds collaborative relationships in order to draw strength from the diverse knowledge, experience, capabilities, and ways of doing things that people and communities have and use." Addleson

The Ethics of Organizational Learning

A Primer on Systems Thinking & Organizational Learning An excellent educational resource, which also has links to more resources on systems thinking.

The Necessary Conditions for a Learning Culture An interesting article that makes the case for the cultural preconditions for a learning organization.

Learning Organization A good summary of the dynamics of the learning organization following the Senge model.

Learning-Org Dialogue Some good thinking and reflection contained here.

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