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Ethics & Policy Resources in EPIC-online.net

Business Ethics: A Manual for Managing the Responsible Business Enterprise in Emerging Market Economies Kenneth W. Johnson, director of the Ethics & Policy Integration Centre, is the principal author. Igor Y. Abramov, Senior Advisor, Market Access and Compliance, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce, is coauthor. The Manual provides a comprehensive framework of concepts, relationships, and worksheets to help owners and managers of organizations of all sorts and sizes effectively, efficiently, and responsibly engage organizational stakeholders. This page provides update materials and links to supporting resources.
Emerging Markets in the News Tracking the ethics & policy issues of the day in emerging markets as a reminder of how values and values considerations permeate our lives—however unconsciously--and how we participate in shaping a better world.
EthicsWorld The business ethics, governance and anti-corruption site for news, analysis and best practices. This site brings together critical news and perspectives from across the world linking experts on workplace ethics, corporate governance, social responsibility, transparency and accountability. It is designed as a resource for ethics and anti-corruption professionals, academics
Applied Ethics Integration Model A lengthy article describing our model for integrating applied ethics and policy approaches--and the implications for organizations.  It makes the case for exploring the separate disciplines of social responsibility, professional ethics, and organizational ethics, but bringing them back together in practice.
Resources for the Small to Medium Enterprise
Emerging Global standards for Corporate Responsibility This matrix, maintained by EPIC, monitors, organizes, tracks and reports the application of emerging global standards of corporate responsibility.
Ethics & Policy Toolkit
Organizational Ethics Resources (Updated 16 November 2002)
Responsible Business Conduct Resources (Updated 13 October 2003)
Corporate Responsibility Surveys Maintained by Imagine, Canada’s national program to promote public and corporate giving, volunteering and support for the community. Imagine sets benchmarks for business leadership and works to encourage and promote collaborative partnerships between the corporate and charitable sectors.
Privilege/Confidentiality Research Maintained by EPIC for the Coalition for Ethics & Compliance Initiatives (CECI), this page tracks the development of structures and public policy aspects of organizational ethics, an enforceable promise of confidentiality, and privilege.
Healthcare Industry Materials
Advocacy Organizations that maintain resource databases

Anti-corruption Resources

Elemental Aspects of Chinese Virtue "The Three Virtues of Go," by Donald Potter. Certainly not intended to be a comprehensive approach to Chinese philosophy, this essay nonetheless captures some sense of a Chinese approach to virtue-ethics. See also this discussion of Jen and Confucius:Humanity, Character, and Altruism.

Preliminary study of Anasazi as Organizations

EPAC Standards for Ethics Consultants; press release 5 June 01

The 2003 Index of Economic Freedom Interactive Edition

Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future

Book Review: Whistleblowers A truly sobering look at the narratives of whistleblowers, more to understand what they say about us than what they tell us about the whistleblowers themselves.
Speech: Address to Cadets of Valley Forge A exploration of the meaning of responsibility. Contrasts the meaning and implications of static responsibility, such as promise-keeping and duty, and static responsibility, such as the ethical implications of entrepreneurship and creativity.
Reflections on current Ethics & Policy Issues Occasional analysis and discussion of fundamental ethics and policy issues.
Glossary Definitions, concepts, and terms that guide our work.
LawCrawler from FindLaw is an excellent resource for legal research. Use it to research legislation, regulations, and judicial opinions.
University of British Columbia Ethics Web site An excellent resource for business and practical ethics.
Code of Conduct/Ethics Online Library A searchable site maintained by Center for the Study of Ethics in the professions containing its collection of over 850 codes of ethics. The Web site includes codes of ethics of professional societies, corporations, government, and academic institutions. A literature review, an introduction to the codes, and a User Guide are included.
Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for Managers A good place to start to develop an approach to designing and implementing an ethics, compliance, and responsibility program.
Times call for Warrior-Healers
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