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Ethics Resources Online 05 March 2003

Topics follow the Applied Ethics Integration Model; see also other ethics & policy tools; for general reference.

International Standards--relating especially to human rights, labor standards, and children--may, under certain circumstances and in certain countries, have the force of domestic law. more

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Evaluating Corporate Responsibility Programs

AA1000 Integration Graphic

Canadian Conference Board CSR Assessment Tool

Polls on Corporate Social Responsibility

International Human Rights (Note there will duplication within lists)

The International Bill of Human Rights

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Human Rights Watch Compilation of International Standards re: Prisoners

International Labor Standards

Human Rights Watch Compilation of International Rights of the Child

The American Society for International Law Compilation of Standards and Resources

Principles of Corporate Self-governance

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has launched a major effort at developing international norms for corporate self-governance. See the OECD Corporate Affairs homepage and the OECD Principles of Self-governance. Other OECD-identified self-governance links.

Essential Social Responsibility of Business

For an excellent, extremely well-conceived and executed resource about corporate social responsibility see the resource center at Business for Social Responsibility.

Amnesty International on Corporations and Human Rights

An excellent discussion of applying International Standards in Domestic Courts

International Standards Organization

Ethikos article on BCMSS

European Commission draft Framework

Integrating Social Responsibility and Applied Ethics

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