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Business Ethics: A Manual for Managing the Responsible Business Enterprise

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Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

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Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations

Report of Advisory Group on FSGO

Commission to Congress 1 May 2004 , effective, if not rejected, 1 November 2004

US Department of Justice "Thomson memorandum"

We believe that an organization's abiding sense of "being responsible" in all its decisions and activities is what leads to Organizational Integrity. We work with leaders of organizations of all sorts and sizes to help them become a Responsible Enterprise. An Ethical Edge is the competitive and cooperative advantage a responsible enterprise gains by embracing Organizational Integrity as its fundamental philosophy of organizational purpose. An evolving branch of applied ethics, Organizational Integrity aims to expand the depth and breadth of trust among an organization's stakeholders: leadership, employees, shareholders, suppliers, communities, and the environment.

This site describes the theoretical basis and practical application of the emerging concepts of the Responsible Enterprise and Organizational Integrity, which drive effective Strategies for Responsible Business. It is a public service of the Ethics & Policy Integration Centre. For information regarding our consulting and problem-solving services, click here.

Ethics and Policy Integration

As Lynn Sharp Paine writes, superior performance in today's world has both a moral and a financial dimension. Organizational Integrity provides the ethical foundation for organization design and development. It goes beyond the particular concerns of business ethics, governmental ethics, professional ethics, and environmental ethics to address how people responsibly expand their range of informed choice to achieve shared purposes. It, in turn, embodies two exciting approaches to the ethics and practices of organizations in an era of globalization: Organizational Ethics and the Learning Organization. These three concepts underlie emerging international standards of stakeholder engagement, organizational performance, and program evaluation and reporting. These are implemented by organizations of all sorts and sizes, in turn, through corporate responsibility programs unique to each organization, which draw on a developing body of "best practices."

The Responsible Business Enterprise is a developing concept that strives to integrate the myriad perspectives on the role of business with emerging global norms. As such, it looks at business form a number of perspectives: corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, organizational ethics, and business and professional ethics.

Our inquiry is an ongoing process of discovery, and you are invited to join in! Our findings are organized into answers to questions about the essentials of Organizational Integrity and what it means for business, government and other associations. Take a look at the toolkit based upon the philosophical premises of this Web site and our experience. Learn more about the nature of our evolutionary approach.

This site is a public service of the Ethics & Policy Integration Centre. Please join us in shaping a better world—one organization at a time!

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