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Ethics Resources Online 16 November 2002

Topics follow the Applied Ethics Integration Model; see also other ethics & policy tools; for general reference.

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Essential Social Responsibility of Business

For an excellent, extremely well-conceived and executed resource about corporate social responsibility see the resource center at Business for Social Responsibility.

More on corporate social responsibility. See also European Commission draft Framework.

See also the Isenberg School of Management: Business Links Ethics and Social Responsibility

See the following sites for resources about socially responsible investing: Wharton School Links to Socially Responsible Investing; Arizona State University Library Links to Social Responsibility and Ecology

For a multi-stakeholder approach to assessing social responsibility see the global reporting initiative.

Essential Social Responsibility of Government:

An excellent resource for US law and judicial decisions can be found at: www.findlaw.com.

An excellent source for US federal government ethics regulations is maintained by the Office of Governmental Ethics.

See the Hoover Institute Report on Judicial Corruption in developing countries for detailed treatment of the social cost of judicial corruption.

See also the Corruption Perceptions Index report and Source Book of Transparency International.

See also an excellent set of links to Native American resources online.

Global Ethics Resources:

Heritage Foundation, Wall Street Journal, The 2001 Index of Economic Freedom Interactive Edition

The Organization for Economical Co-operation and Development (OECD) has an extensive "International Regulation Database" about its member countries' business regulation.

An extensive directory of resources complied by the US Environmental Protection Agency: Resources for Promoting Global Business Principles and Best Practices A Directory of People, Organizations and Web Sites Version.

See also some intriguing research into globalization and culture out of UNESCO: World Culture Report

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Environmental Ethics:

For an interesting discussion of Aldo Leopold's "Land Ethic" and its implications, see the article by Laura Westra.

Global Anti-Corruption Efforts Click here for anti-corruption resources

Applied Ethics Resources:

An excellent listing of the major sites for applied ethics maintained by the University of British Columbia. http://www.ethics.ubc.ca/

A source dedicated to issues of electronic privacy. http://www.EPIC.org/

General reference; Refdesk; Britannica


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